• All In One Marketing Automation Solution

Marketer365 Sales & Marketing Automation Manager

Marketer365 is an easy-to-use, powerful and automated marketing automation platform that can automatically send personalized targeted messages to customers at the perfect time, over their preferred mode of communication. Signup free at marketer365.com It is the industry’s first all-in-one marketing automation and communication solution.

Online Marketing Made Easy

Email Marketing

Create, send & track email marketing campaigns that will give your business a competitive edge.

List Manager

Create, save & segment your contact lists with unlimited storage capacity.

Form Builder

Create online forms with the easiest product on the market. No HTML knowledge required.

Landing Pages

A quick and easy way to create multiple landing pages in order to track what page works best.

Online Surveys

Create and send online surveys that draw user feedback in minutes. Get the tools you need today.

Link Tracking

Easily track click-throughs and open rates to help determine what marketing is working best.


Build strong and immediate relationships with our automated follow-up solution.

Blacklist Monitor

Don’t take a chance on your marketing infrastructure and reputation. Start monitoring your IP today.

Offline Marketing That Works

Fax Marketing

Send fax blasts to thousands of organizations without the hassle. Ideal for targeting local businesses.

Event Management

Empowers your event campaigns with powerful tools to maximize attendance.

Voice Broadcasting

Automatically broadcast recorded voice messages to inform and remind your customers.

SMS Marketing

Grab your audience’s attention using the most immediate channel – mobile marketing.

Reach Your Audience Easily

Strengthen Your Online Business Model

Reach your customers with targeted promotions, timely reminders and special offers through their preferred mode of communication – email, text messaging or voice messaging.

Engage Prospects With Customer Flow Communication

Combine all communication tools into a single intuitive platform, enabling you to build automated marketing campaigns and communication flows. Engage customers and prospects based on stored data, interests,and past interactions with your business to increase ROI.

Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Engage with customers and prospects using multiple forms of communication, including web, email, text, messages, voice messages, social media, and even fax to make sure your company stays top of mind.

Other Features Marketer365 Provides

Marketing Automation & Campaign Management

Use our intuitive drag-and-drop Marketing Program Designer to create and automate complex multi-channel marketing programs.

Cross-Channel Messaging Tools

Design and deploy engaging cross-channel content to create individualized journeys across email, web, mobile and more.

Robust Personalization

Deliver relevant, personalized content and messages across channels and devices.

A Unified Customer View

Track profile data, behavior and interactions across offline, digital, social, and mobile channels from a single, centralized marketing data warehouse.

Reporting & Analytic

Measure marketing performance and measure effectiveness across marketing programs and channels.

Learning & Optimization

Slice and dice your analytic to get insights, and use our built-in A/B Testing tool to optimize your marketing.

Marketing Data Warehouse

The Marketer365 platform contains a discrete, secure, optimized database with information about each of your prospects and customers. We also provide an open data architecture so that Marketer365 can assimilate marketing data from disparate platforms and databases across the organization. The Marketer365 platform thus serves as the system of record for the marketing department and other business users — storing the results of customer interactions from across marketing, direct sales or support, and transaction systems.

The Central Nervous System of your Organization’s Marketing

At the heart of our platform is a powerful, yet intuitive and easy-to-use set of tools for the creation, automation and management of complex marketing programs that incorporate numerous online and offline channels. This central nervous system enables organizations to create and manage streams of multi-channel messaging for different sets of customers that promote continuous connected conversations that foster engagement over the entire customer life-cycle.

Reporting and Analytic

Marketer365 was purpose-built to handle large volumes of data and produce analytic that help users gain insights from trends over time. Identify patterns of customer behavior; determine the highest-performance personalized marketing messages and offers; and use multi-channel analytic to improve attribution. Put it all together to prove the impact and effectiveness of your marketing, sales and support, and other activities on customer value.

What are you waiting for? Start automating today!


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